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The Backbone to Business

A shared solution for all business partners to optimise complex document flows.

A Single Source of Truth

Trace allows all partners to visualize the process, tracing every step from beginning to end. Cryptographic proofs of each step are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable audit trail to all involved, as well as any external regulators.

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Audit trail: end-to-end traceability of business processes, assets and documents in real time.

Customer consent: managed in a secure and robust way with proof of consent and scope of data it relates to.

Data privacy: accountability secured through encrypted digital signatures, blockchain and Proof of Process.

Automation: streamlined connection to existing applications allows for easily automating processes.

Stay Ahead of the curve

Trace is currently being piloted by industry leaders across insurance and finance. If you would like to see how Trace is solving their pain points, reach out to us today for a demo or view our use cases.

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