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The Stratumn Stack

Invention + Innovation

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Proof of Process (PoP)

PoP enables multiple stakeholders to trust a common process by knowing who did what, when, where and why.

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Cryptography & Blockchain

We are experts in cryptography. This is what enables us to solve complex problems that blockchains alone can't solve.

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Stratumn SDK

Fusing cryptography, blockchains and PoP, our SDK is the first framework for building PoP-enabled apps.

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Securing Every Step

PoP harnesses cryptography and blockchains to make it possible for all participants to trust a common process, immutably recording who did what, when, where and why.



PoP uses digital signatures to securely record each participants’ actions in every step of a process.



Powerful algorithms allow us to create cryptographic proofs of protected information.



PoP uses blockchain technology to establish accurate timestamping for each step.



All stakeholders in the workflow are sure of where they are in a sequence of events.



PoP allows us to connect each step of a process with legally binding documents and contracts.