We’re Revolutionizing Trust

Complex Times

A New World.
Unique Challenges.

Our world is changing fast, and it’s becoming increasingly hyper-connected. Accountability is growing more important by the day. Businesses are being held to higher standards than ever before, both internally and externally. But they’re struggling to deliver.

New inter-business relationships, legal requirements and customer expectations are too demanding and complex for traditional tech solutions to manage securely and effectively. Current processes aren’t cost-effective. Nor are they fast, secure, private or traceable.

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Enter Stratumn.

Our Solution

Trust the Process

At Stratumn, we believe in the power of processes. Together, we leverage the blockchain, advanced cryptography and our own Proof of Process (PoP) technology to guarantee compliance, privacy, security, traceability, all while reducing operational costs and improving the customer journey.

We’re creating a new form of trust. With our next-generation networks, every step is secured through a cryptographic audit trail. The result? Trust is returned to businesses, networks and supply chains. And the knock-on benefits are huge.

Blockchains are just the beginning. Using our own technology and products, we build on the blockchain to meet the diverse, emerging needs of the network economy.