Outstanding contracts : The search for beneficiaries of insurance contracts has become a critical regulatory and operational issue for insurance companies.

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In a regulatory context marked by the implementation of the ECKERT law (reinforced by the PACTE law) and by ACPR controls, insurers are under pressure to identify beneficiaries of contracts that are unclaimed or simply expired. The first response has been to strengthen the management teams, supported by external service providers. The sanctions pronounced in 2014 were a thunderbolt and pushed insurers to favour quick solutions. The challenge now is to industrialise these processes in order to control costs while complying with regulations. The Stratumn solution provides a new approach for results in one quarter.

The Stakes

How to reconcile strong regulatory requirements and control of operational costs?

Requirements at every stage of the process:

  • Proactive identification of the contracts concerned
  • Reinforced and proactive diligence in the search for beneficiaries
  • A contact within 15 days with the identified beneficiary
  • Accelerated payment
  • A defined and respected escheat process

Fragmented and manual processes, involving significant human capital

  • A multitude of internal and external stakeholders 
  • A plurality of systems 
  • A fragmented and manually operated process with limited visibility for managers
  • Double data entry, quality and anti-duplication controls throughout the chain, combined with digitisation costs

Traceability and deadlines to be better controlled

  • Produce reliable performance indicators on the regulated stages for your reports

Today, insurance companies are struggling in this area, even though significant human resources have often been allocated.

Client Case 

Every year, CNP Assurances handles several tens of thousands of files seeking beneficiaries for life insurance contracts.

To this end, CNP Assurances has invested in internal management tools. On the other hand, interactions with external partners involved in the search for beneficiaries were still based on email and PDF exchanges.

In order to accelerate the search for beneficiaries beyond the efforts already made internally, CNP Assurances wanted to make its processes with its external partners, in this case investigators, more reliable, simpler and faster. The Stratumn Solution was chosen to digitise the research process from end to end, in order to speed up the stages, but also to trace all the actions undertaken with the aim of identifying beneficiaries.

 A significant progress from the implementation in November 2019 :

  • A search time reduced by 3 weeks on average
  • Most of the research carried out in a few days
  • Rising manager satisfaction

Thanks to Stratumn, detailed indicators are available to management, and visual and irrefutable audit trails corresponding to the research process are easily accessible in the event of an audit or dispute.

Finally, an end-to-end vision of your process, enriched with reliable indicators

The Stratumn solution connects to your existing systems and digitises the remaining manual steps, giving you a unified, end-to-end view of your unsettled contract review process.

A visual and easily accessible audit trail is available for each contract, each search, each beneficiary. Actions and decisions are time-stamped and digitally signed.

Your external partners are easily integrated into your process without changing tools. You gain visibility internally and externally, giving your managers real-time monitoring of their files. If necessary, simple and intuitive input interfaces are made available to make life easier for managers. Manual tasks, reconciliations and scanning costs are eliminated, making your process faster and more agile. Finally, reliable dashboards and indicators are at your disposal to meet regulatory requirements without the need for heavy infrastructure (data lakes, query tool, etc.).

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