How has AXA Partners reinvented the customer experience of its policyholders in the event of job loss in Sweden?

  • Country Sweden
  • Industry Insurance
  • Employees +9 000

Context :

AXA Partners - Credit & Lifestyle Protection ("AXA Partners CLP") is part of the AXA Group, a world leader in insurance and asset management. With more than 100 partners in over 20 countries, AXA Partners is a major player in the loan insurance and personal protection market.

AXA Partners is present in Sweden, where it offers a job loss guarantee to its policyholders under certain contracts (home loan, income protection, etc.). In 2019, Stratumn and AXA Partners together reinvented the customer experience of the insured in the event of a claim following the loss of employment. One objective: to make life as simple as possible for policyholders in these difficult times.

What challenges? 

 Following a loss of employment, the insured who has taken out a policy with AXA Partners declares his or her loss and commits to the compensation process. After acceptance of his file, the insured must provide his insurer every month with a certificate issued by the Swedish Employment Agency ("Arbetsförmedlingen") confirming his status. Every month, the insured must therefore collect the certificate from the Agency and send it to AXA Partners for verification. This process was unsatisfactory on three levels:

For the insured: A tedious and repetitive experience over a long period of time, with risks of forgetfulness and delay preventing timely payment of the monthly indemnity.
For Arbetsförmedlingen: The issuing of thousands of certificates in agencies or online to enable the insured to be compensated and the possibility of fraudulent use of these certificates.
For AXA Partners: A major customer irritant and costly processing of certificates every month.

A situation where the process created friction for the policyholder, the public agency and the insurer. 

Which solution? 

To meet these challenges, AXA Partners and the Swedish Employment Agency have formed a partnership, placing security and protection of personal data at the heart of their joint initiative. 

 Thus, to digitise the process, they chose Stratumn's solution secured by a cryptographic protocol and Blockchain technology.

 Since May 2019, the process has been entirely digitised, requiring minimal intervention by the insured. Indeed, with the policyholder's consent (obtained on AXA Partners' Insured portal), the insurer collects directly from the Swedish Employment Agency the monthly status for each policyholder via an automated exchange. Blockchain technology provides unparalleled traceability and security to ensure that policyholders' rights are protected.

Quels bénéfices ?  

  • Satisfaction client : Avec ce nouveau processus, l’assuré bénéficie d’une tranquillité d’esprit totale. AXA Partners s’occupe des démarches administratives et l’indemnise à temps chaque mois. Plus de démarche à entreprendre une fois la déclaration de sinistre réalisée. Dès le lancement du nouveau processus, le NPS (Net Promoter Score) a ainsi grimpé en flèche.
  • Protection des données personnelles : L’utilisateur donne son consentement au partage de ses données en ligne, mais peut aussi le refuser ou le révoquer à tout moment. Les données recueillies sont strictement limitées au besoin d’indemnisation.
  • Réduction des coûts et délais de traitement : L’échange automatisé de données entre AXA et l’Agence Suédoise pour l’Emploi supprime les étapes de transmission manuelle, de numérisation et de saisie de données accélérant ainsi la mise en paiement.
  • Risque de fraude : La digitalisation du processus, en supprimant l’échange de documents papiers, réduit considérablement le risque d’utilisation frauduleuse d’attestations publiques.


Chiffres clés:

  • Augmentation significative du Net Promoter Score pour atteindre +66
  • >80 % des clients donnent leur consentement pour partager leurs données

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