Transform your financial processes

Stratumn traces the steps of your process, streamlines interactions in a reliable way, and reduces processing time and costs. Stratumn brings the agility and speed of implementation of a SaaS solution to its customers.

Visible results in a few weeks.

  • Reliable

    We ensure the integrity of your data and a unique, shared version of your processes.

  • Simple

    We inject B2C and Cloud best practices into our clients' usages.

  • Efficient

    We accelerate and optimise the key steps in your critical processes.

Digitally trace each step of your process

Business users trace who did what, when, where, and why in a compelling way through intuitive interfaces. 

  • Digitally stamp each step of the process

    Digital signature and time stamping certified by the blockchain

  • Share an intuitive and irrefutable audit trail

    Forgery-proof and comprehensible evidence for business users

  • Identify internal and external users simply

    User management and enhanced identification with SSO

They trust us

Proof Of Process and Blockchain, an innovation for our customers

Stratumn has invented a digital and irrefutable audit trail, which can connect to any system or partner. Stratumn's audit trail tracks Who did What, When, Where and Why using our Proof of Process protocol. For each step of the process, a proof is elaborated and written in the blockchain to guarantee its immutability.

Stratumn displays this audit trail in an intuitive way to give Business users all the necessary information. It avoids the complicated and costly management of transactions’ and operations’ proofs.

Easy implementation within your business applications

Stratumn simply connects with your existing data sources and systems. Your employees identify themselves in one click using your SSO infrastructure. Data flows from one step to the other, no more silos, no more double entries. The full potential of your processes can finally materialise.

Our commitments

  • Security

    We incorporate best practices in terms of security and data protection.

  • Scalability

    Our architecture is designed to scale easily as client usage grows.

  • Performance

    We offer rigorous SLAs in terms of performance and availability.