Partner Onboarding

Free your customers and partners from repetitive administrative tasks,
simply provide proof of your compliance.

Trace and manage consent simply

Collect the consent of your customers and partners online, and simply manage its revocation or update.

For the first time, I can visualise in the same place the different stages of the onboarding process of intermediaries, and I can finally mutualise between departments the data collection process and some controls.

Drastically reduce your onboarding costs while improving the customer experience.

Shared visibility

Share progress and major decisions between departments with detailed permissions management

Signed and time-stamped audit trail

Provide cryptographic evidence of your entire process at no extra cost

Facilitated collaboration

Simplify interactions between departments and with your external partners

Simplified integration

Connect systems involved (including public APIs such as Infogreffe) in the process to eliminate the risk of fraud and repetitive tasks.

Dynamic dashboard

Manage the process from end to end in real time and generate dashboards for regulatory issues

Customised alerts and notifications

Proactively manage update or enhanced monitoring obligations

Partner with our specalists

Our insurance process experts are at your side to support you in defining your needs and optimising the use of our product.