Jérôme LEFEBVRE, CEO of Stratumn, in ECOSYSTEME

Stratumn integrates blockchain into its collaborative SaaS solution to better track corporate financial flows

Published on June 4, 2021

Jérôme LEFEBVRE, CEO of Stratumn, and Hervé THOUMYRE, Head of Customer Experience & Information Systems of CNP Assurances, were interviewed by Thomas HUGUES in the ECOSYSTEM TV show to talk about Blockchain and financial flows traceability.

Vidéo interview Jérôme Lefebvre ECOSYSTEME

A new usage for the Blockchain

Long associated with cryptocurrency, the Blockchain has generated a wave of excitement very important in the years 2017 / 2018 to which succeeded a disappointment at least as consistent. In 2021, it is back in the spotlight with an outsized cryptocurrency rally.

During his appearance on ECOSYSTEME, a TV show hosted by Thomas Hugues, Jérôme Lefebvre, CEO of Stratumn, accompanied by Hervé THOUMYRE, Head of Customer Experience & Information Systems of CNP Assurances, reaffirms the need to combine blockchain with other technologies to fully benefit from its potential. It is only one link in a more global chain and brings trust and traceability. 

Blockchain: a new kind of trusted third party for corporate finance departments 

It is with this conviction that Stratumn, publisher of SaaS solutions for companies, has developed Trace. It helps our customers to regain control over their financial flows by combining collaboration and irrefutable traceability based on blockchain.  

Trace is a simple, low-intrusive solution that allows us to operate processes that are often quite sophisticated. [...] We set up this platform to supervise the flows. [...] It allows us to control step by step the way financial flows are conveyed between liabilities and assets 

- Hervé Thoumyre, Head of Customer Experience & Information Systems at CNP Assurances 

Trace, uses blockchain as a traceability infrastructure or "proof of audit". Stratumn's know-how lies in our ability to make robust and sophisticated technologies simple and accessible to all. We use innovation to meet real needs for efficiency, collaboration and compliance. 

Our solution interfaces with enterprise IS to limit load disruption and ensure continuous data tracking. We use blockchain as a trust facilitator within the ecosystem: between regulators, subsidiaries, partners, customers, etc. In addition to simplified collaboration, we provide irrefutable traceability of exchanges and financial flows.

 Technology at the service of the employee

In finance departments, technology and innovation have often been deployed around numerical data. Information systems implemented several decades ago - long before the invention of microservices architecture - are still operational in large companies. Their promise of tracking all of the company's activities in a single IS has rarely been fulfilled and their use remains very complex and inflexible.

At Stratumn, we believe that it is urgent to rethink technology and processes around people, and not the other way around. We create the right conditions for digitization by reconciling data, processes and people. We optimize the management of financial flows by bringing these three pillars together.   

There has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, a lot of talk about digital transformation, and we have often forgotten the place of people in all of this. Our business consists of equipping and automating around the human being.

- Jérôme Lefebvre, CEO of Stratumn   

Trace: the trusted solution for managing corporate financial flows

Trace is a SaaS solution that combines traceability and collaboration on the processes and financial flows of a company. It has been designed to facilitate and secure interactions between each contributor, and reduces processing time and costs.

It provides companies with simple identification of internal and external users and generates an intuitive and irrefutable audit trail. 

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