Financial products

Manage and streamline the creation, referencing and updating of financial products,
identify sources of non-compliance in real time.

Track key decisions and identify anomalies

Reflect the steps in a tamper-proof digital audit trail, and keep track of corrective or manual actions.

With Stratumn, the management of the Unit of Account chain is controlled in real time. The different steps are easily traced. No need for data lake, ETL, queries or dedicated resources to manage the different applications.

Manage the life cycle of your products

Shared visibility

Give visibility to your customers and managers on the claims process

Signed and time-stamped audit trail

Link events together and explain processing decisions

Simplified integration

Connect systems involved in the process to eliminate duplicate entries and the risk of errors

Simplified integration

Connect your systems with those of your partners

Dynamic dashboard

Monitor the consent in real time, and the respect of your partners' service level agreements.

Partner with our specialists

Our insurance process experts are at your side to support you in defining your needs and optimising the use of our product.