Claims automation

Eliminate the administrative burden caused by siloed processes,
provide a better experience for your customers and managers.

Collect and track consent digitally

Create seamless and secure digital paths for your customers from claim to payment.

Since the launch of the new claims process in Sweden, we have seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and are already working on other use cases.
Strong increase in Customer NPS 
in less than 3 months

Focus on high value-added financial issues

Shared visibility

Give visibility to your customers and managers on the claims process

Signed and time-stamped audit trail

Link events together and explain processing decisions

Digital signature

Simply trace the consent of your customers

Simplified integration

Connect your systems with those of your partners

Dynamic dashboard

Monitor the consent in real time, and the respect of your partners' service level agreements

Partner with our specialists

Our insurance process experts are at your side to support you in defining your needs and optimising the use of our product.