Product Updates

Presenting Proof of Process

Published on September 16, 2016
Richard Caetano

We’re pleased to announce some major updates to Stratumn’s product offering

We’ve published a whitepaper called Proof of Process which describes our approach to bridging deterministic logic and the real world through proof systems. Proof of Process is the heart of our approach to working with blockchain technology, and we believe it represents the beginning of a new way of thinking about work and collaboration through proof systems.

Product Updates

Where Proof of Process describes the theory behind our work, we call its practical implementation Trusted Workflows. Trusted Workflows includes Proof of Process at its heart, as well as Stratumn tools including Chainscript and Fossilizer, which serve to generate audit trails, metadata, and proofs of events.

If you’re new to Stratumn and curious about some of the reasons why blockchain has become such a hyped word, we’d recommend checking out our introduction to Trusted Workflows.

Finally, we’ve added a set of four unique use cases that describe how Trusted Workflows can be applied in real world situations: KYC (Know Your Customer), Shipping, Microinsurance, and Clinical Trials. Each of these use cases describes how the new possibilities of Trusted Workflows can uniquely manifest in a specific industry.

We look forward to continuing to develop these tools, as well as additional products which build upon the possibilities within Trusted Workflows. We feel that these are just the beginnings of extraordinary possibilities that blockchains and peer-to-peer networks have to offer, and we are thrilled to be a part of this work.

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