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Letter from Stratumn’s Leadership

The Team Announces Important Changes

Published on October 21, 2019

As Stratumn evolves into a new phase of the company, the leadership team announces important new changes.

The last year has seen a tremendous amount of exciting developments in the Stratumnsphere. We developed our product and took it to production, we won Paris Fintech of the year 2018, and we continue to strengthen our team and realise our mission with market leaders in insurance and finance. It’s in this context that we prepare for the next steps with an important announcement from Richard Caetano and Jérôme Lefebvre.

From Richard

When I started Stratumn with my 3 co-founders in 2015, Blockchain was an experimental technology just emerging as a tool for the enterprise. Since then, it has evolved at an explosive rate.

While leading the research and development with an amazing team of engineers, developers and cryptographers, I was lucky to discover many beneficial insights. Through this journey Stratumn has found its place in securing critical processes for the enterprise. With our first group of clients live in production, we are happy to take our product to the next level.

Today Stratumn is moving forward in developing its commercial operations as a true enterprise software company powered by blockchain. The nature of the enterprise market is complex with sales cycles requiring proper positioning.

To meet this challenge, I have decided to step down as CEO and, with the support of the board, Jerome Lefebvre will lead the company forward as Chief Executive Officer.

Jerome has been with the company for more than a year now and has delivered a viable go to market plan and strategy that encapsulates the value of our technology. In just a short time, he has helped to shape our organization so that it is prepared for the challenges ahead.

With his extensive background in enterprise software, he will lead Stratumn’s expansion into multi-national markets. To meet this objective, he will deliver on the blockchain vision and strategy we developed together.

Moving to the role of Stratumn’s Senior Technical Advisor, I will personally be involved with the transition to insure the team has the support they need. Externally, I will help to promote Stratumn’s unique approach to securing processes.

Stratumn has been my passion for the last 4 years and I’m very thankful to our investors, OpenCNP, NASDAQ Ventures, BNP Cardif, Digital Currency Group and Otium Ventures, for funding this vision and the team who worked hard to build it. I look forward to seeing this incredible company grow and continue to deliver true value to the enterprise.

All the best,

Richard Caetano, Co-Founder and Senior Technical Advisor

From Jérôme

Over the last twelve months, the market has given tangible signs of adopting our solution. It is opening a vast business opportunity, creating the conditions to start a new cycle in the life of our company. I’m truly honoured to have the opportunity to lead this next step and become the CEO of Stratumn.

Stratumn’s Mission Statement is to “create the conditions for trust in complex inter-business processes”. To do so, Stratumn has developed a powerful software solution. Our product, Trace, is born in the cloud, powered by blockchain and process centric.

The incredible ability of Richard to share his passion for the vision he had on the future of enterprise blockchain is the reason why I joined Stratumn. I know with certainty that all the team members joined for the same reason.

In addition, Richard invented the Proof of Process protocol, which is the key foundation of our technology. Proof of Process remains the kernel of our unique business value. It enables actual blockchain use cases to be applied to all types of regulated processes. Stratumn is reinventing this market by drastically simplifying and securing inter-business processes.

I am very proud of the team we have put together for the next phase of this company. The whole team is now focused on the needs of our customers and puts them at the core of our research and development effort. This will ultimately make Stratumn the market leader.

Stratumn has created a repeatable revenue flow since I joined, and it’s been a privilege – and an incredible challenge – to help grow this company into what it has become. And now as CEO, and with Richard as Senior Technical Advisor of our Board, I will focus all of my attention and energy on growing Stratumn into a leading-edge enterprise software company for the benefit of our customers.

Merci Beaucoup,


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