Announcing our Partnership With WISeKey

Published on 03 Juillet 2020
Sebastien Couture Co-founder

We've partnered with WISeKey, a leading provider in Root of Trust and certificate authority

As a leader in digital identity, a recognized root key provider and certificate authority, WISeKey provides the Identity layer crucial to implementing Proof of Process. By combining our offers, we intend to work to facilitate accountability and traceability in areas including insurance, finance, industrial processes, energy, luxury goods, and healthcare.

On January 18th, Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey and Richard Caetano, CEO of Stratumn, participated in the 5th annual WISeKey Cyber Security Roundtable in Davos, Switzerland. This panel discussion on the topic “Blockchain & The Internet of Value,” included notable figures in the blockchain industry such as author Don Tapscott, Harvard University researcher Primavera De Filippi, and Lykke founder Richard Olsen.

During this panel, participants brought up a number of topics central to the adoption and deployment of blockchain technologies, specifically by global enterprises and government institutions.

Watch the full panel here.

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