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We help Large Enterprise customers transform their critical processes with our SaaS software. Stratumn has invented a digital, irrefutable and customer-oriented audit trail based on the blockchain technology. With Stratumn, interactions are tracked, data are protected and deadlines are met.
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Stratumn is proud to be the technology partner of leading SBF 120 companies. Select customers and awards.

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Critical processes are at the heart of your company's strategy. Endless exchanges, unnecessary duplications and the multitude of tools too often restrict them. Find out how our clients improve operational efficiency, reduce payment delays, or increase Net Promoter Score Client.

  • 3
    Weeks less lead time
    on the payment
  • - 20%
    Time spent on
    administrative tasks
  • NPS
    significant increase
    in less than 3 months
With Stratumn, our multi-partner accounting and financial processes are streamlined and better traced. Confidence is enhanced through a pragmatic and flexible approach. The process is both auditable and continuously improving.

Your partner to transform critical processes

Stratumn has invented a digital, irrefutable and customer-oriented audit trail based on the blockchain technology. Designed with an open architecture, Stratumn simply connects with existing data sources and tools and gives you an overview of your critical processes, regardless of the system or the contributor.

Digitally trace each step of your process

Business users trace who did what, when, where, and why in a compelling way through intuitive interfaces. 

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  • With Stratumn, you are provided with evidence

    Signed, time-stamped and contextualized data, easily accessible

  • With Stratumn, your business partners are satisfied

    Smooth collaboration in real time, free of repetitive tasks

  • With Stratumn, your IT systems talk to each other

    Systems that connect securely to each other and to your partners' systems

Rapid deployment with the support of our experts

Stratumn has developed a unique expertise in understanding our clients' regulatory and operational issues. Our business and technical experts support you in the implementation of our solutions. To simplify the daily life of users, our solution integrates easily with all your business tools and applications. Depending on your needs, we work in close collaboration with an ecosystem of consulting partners.

Security and traceability at the heart of our technology

The integrity of your processes and the confidentiality of your data are our priorities. We combine the Proof of Process protocol and Blockchain technology to guarantee the irrefutable proof of who did what, when, where and why. To protect your data, we operate SaaS software, adapted to the requirements of our Enterprise customers, with strict security conditions.

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