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Insurance Claim Automation Across Europe

Why Stratumn?

Our client, a leading insurance company, was looking for a solution to securely automate their claim processes across Europe. Their main objective was to reinvent the customer experience, turning it around from something laborious and tedious to an effortless and efficient process.

The Challenge

Liberating Both Clients and Insurers

After a job loss or during a long-term illness, insurers provide payment protection to customers, helping them maintain their income or pay their mortgage. Today, insurers request that customers send an official attestation published by a government agency (either the unemployment agency or their health insurance provider) every 2 weeks.

The current process is tiring to navigate and a burden for customers, who are either recovering from a serious illness or occupied with the task of finding another job. Added to this, the procedure is costly for insurers as they process those attestations manually every fortnight.

The Answer

Removing Administrative Burden and Focusing on Customer Care

Our solution, Trace, enables the insurer to securely collect the customer’s consent and process her data when she makes a claim. It also automates the process of asking the government agency every 2 weeks for the data on behalf of the customer.

Trace radically improves the claim process experience for everyone involved in the following ways.

  • Automation of manual tasks has significantly simplified the process: customers no longer need to send documents once the initial claim is made, and no more manual processing.
  • End-to-end traceability of every step is guaranteed along the claim process: collected data is linked to the claim and the consent collected initially.
  • Data privacy is ensured through the encrypted exchange of sensitive information: no more sensitive private data going through email or pdf.
  • Customer consent is managed in a secure and robust way: proof of the consent and of the scope of data it relates to.