Trust the Process

Proof of Process Technology helps companies and organizations trust the millions of processes that connect our world.

The Challenges for Supply Chains, Marketplaces, and Partnerships in a Hyperconnected World

Global organizations need to work together to deliver the best products and services to their customers, while at the same time satisfying requirements of regulatory authorities.

With information often locked behind firewalls and regulators asking for more proof, companies are facing impossible challenges.

Introducing Proof of Process Technology

Proof of Process, or PoP for short, is a protocol that allows any organization to securely collaborate with partners, customers, and regulators.

By working together through the protocol, they can be assured that each step of a process is secure.

Proof of Process Technology removes the burden of proof and brings confidence to business relationships.

How it Works

Proof of Process defines how companies collaborate on the same process by securing the “who, what, when, where and why” of each step in a cryptographic audit trail.


PoP uses digital signatures and integrates with existing infrastructure to securely record the participant’s actions in each step in a process.

With each step signed, we begin to form the cryptographic audit trail.


There are many things we need to prove to our partners and regulators without risking our privacy.

Proof of Process leverages powerful algorithms that allow us to create cryptographic proofs of our secrets.


It is critical that partners who work together have their systems completely synchronized.

Proof of Process uses blockchain technology to establish a common timeline that guarantees accurate timekeeping for each step in the process.


Make sure to not put the cart before the horse. With Proof of Process partners working together can be sure of the correct sequence of events. When all partners agree things move smoothly.


Unless you were born in the blockchain, you’ll need your cryptographic proofs to mean something in the real world. Proof of Process allows us to connect each step of a process with legally binding documents and contracts.

What it Does

Proof of Process Technology enables the development of powerful networks that offer the following properties:

Process Traceability

Real world processes are recorded in such a way that one can replay the steps of the process, giving insight into key events and actors.

Regulatory Compliance

Real world processes are mapped in concordance with the network timeline in such a way that each step and action is linked with real-world regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance.

Individual Privacy

Personal information is shielded through powerful encryption methods. Furthermore, secrets can be proved without revealing sensitive or confidential information behind them.

Real-time Accountability

Thanks to digital signatures across a common timeline, the responsibilities of participants is illuminated and accountability can be immediately established without costly auditing.

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